The Tomorrow Children

Q-Games - Tuesday, September 6, 2016


The Tomorrow Children is the story of a future re-imagined from the after-effects of an experiment in 1960s Russia. In an attempt to ‘sublime’ the human race by melding all human minds into one global consciousness, the entire human race is decimated by the unsuccessful experiment. They have created you, the player, as a ‘projection clone’. Venture into ‘The Void’ to reclaim the human race and restore it to its former glory!

The Tomorrow ChildrenThe Tomorrow ChildrenThe Tomorrow ChildrenThe Tomorrow ChildrenThe Tomorrow Children

Game Details

Release date: 9/6/2016
Genres: Indie Adventure Strategy 
Themes: Science fiction Sandbox 



Developer: Q-GamesSIE Japan Studio
Publisher: Q-GamesSIE Japan Studio

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  • post-apocalyptic
  • sandbox
  • crafting
  • military
  • sci-fi
  • adventure
  • action-adventure
  • open-world
  • government
  • strategy
  • platform exclusive
  • corrupt government
  • human
  • polygonal 3d
  • playstation experience 2015
  • useable vehicles
  • crepuscular rays
  • gamescom 2014
  • terrain deformation
  • destructible environment
  • totalitarian government
  • communism
  • light bloom
  • anarchism
  • ambient occlusion
  • incorrect usage of cyrillic letters
  • eco-terrorism
  • social democracy



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